Dr. Mohamed Anouar gadhoum

CEO & Cofounder‎

Dr. Mohamed Anouar Gadhoum is an Islamic Finance expert passionate about technology and innovation with a remarkable history in the development of Islamic FinTech ecosystem internationally.  

He has been playing a leading role in the growth of Islamic finance globally by contributing/managing a portfolio of Governmental/Institutional advisory projects in multi-disciplines of Islamic finance across different countries. 

Holder of a PHD from INCEIF (Malaysia, AACSB) and certified CSAA from The Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions - AAOIFI (Bahrain), Dr. Mohamed Anouar is an active “Shari’ah- board” Member of multi-sectorial international financial and successfully launched Fintech Startups such as IFIN (Bahrain), Manzil (Canada), and MucPay (France).   

Dr. Gadhoum has been recently promoted to join the AAOIFI working group to develop Digital transformation standards for Islamic Banks. 

He is currently the CEO and the co-founder of “PAYDAY Takaful” a next generation FinTech and InsurTech solution.