Dr. Mouna Saied

Executive Director
The Tunisian Banking and Finance Council

Executive Director since 2015 at the Tunisian Professional Association for Banks  

and Financial Institutions - APTBEF which becomes CBF Banking and Finance Council 

 Graduated from the Institute of Financing and Development of the ArabMaghreb (IFID 9th promotion)   

(1992-1998) Mouna Saaied started her career at the Citi Bank as a trader in money market instruments,trader of foreign exchange and Responsible of Desk sales. 

(1999-2015) occupied several positions at UBCI Bank, responsible to the general management for the remediation plan, business center manager, director of trading room, director of organization and methods. 

Member of the board of directors of Arab Maghreb Developement finance Institute  

Member of the Tunisian Commission of financial Analyzes 

Member of the board of directors of the Arab Bankers Union