Mr. Bernardo Arnaud

CEO of Unidire & CTO of OSeuGestor

Mr. Bernardo Arnaud has been involved in fintech startups since 2016 and has launched companies in Asia, LATAM and Africa.  A PFM Personal Finance Manager app (2016-2019), Indonesia - exited); a BFM, or business finance manager with embedded Open Banking launched in Brazil for SMEs (2020- ); a tokenization company for dairy livestock to be used as guarantee for loans and for certifying the exact origin of milk in Brazil and Ghana (2022- ); and GoodPass (2023- ) in Indonesia and Malaysia as a P2P blockchain platform for credit score in with informal borrowing activities validated records. The intersection of fintech, digital financial inclusion innovation, sustainable agricultural finance and climate related assets tokenization are the main interests of Mr. Arnaud when looking for projects in the fintech and blockchain industries.