Mr. M. Ersad Zor

Head of Data & Reports Team at Startup Centrum

M. Ersad Zor is a highly motivated individual with a strong background in Industrial Engineering and a keen interest in data science and entrepreneurship. Holding a Master's degree in Interdisciplinary Data Science from Galatasaray University, they are dedicated to advancing their knowledge and skills in these fields. Currently, Ersad is actively engaged in research on entrepreneurship and startups, contributing to the publication of insightful reports. As the Head of the Data & Reports team at StartupCentrum, he is responsible for producing investment and vertical reports that focus on startups from Turkey, MENA, and Europe. Furthermore, Ersad has demonstrated its commitment to personal growth and global engagement by participating in over 20 unofficial European Youth Parliament and Model United Nations conferences. These experiences have honed his ability to communicate effectively and engage with diverse audiences.