Mr. Ömer Emeç

Assistant General Manager
Strategy & Transformation at Albaraka Türk Bank

He received his bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Boğaziçi University, his master's degree in Business Administration from Istanbul City University and his PhD in Islamic Economics and Finance from Istanbul University. Pursuing his academic studies simultaneously with his professional life, Emeç served as a researcher at the Center for Ecopolitical Strategic Research during his undergraduate years. Having assumed various responsibilities such as strategy, research, corporate performance, international businesş development and project management in the telecoms and banking sectors in his professional career, Emeç worked as Strategist until 2017, Chief Economist between 2017-2020, and Strategic Planning and Economic Research Unit Manager between 2020-2022 at Albaraka Türk, where he started working in 2014. As of October 2022, Mr Emeç has been serving as Assistant General Manager in charge of Strategy and Transformation at the Bank and as a Board Member at Albaraka Teknoloji Bilişim Sistemleri ve Pazarlama Ticaret A.Ş. (AlbarakaTech Global). Emeç, who also works as an economics commentator in national and international broadcasting organisations, is an active manager in various non-governmental organisations and continues his academic career by lecturing on financial management, central banking, special topics in banking and finance.