Mrs. Safia Hachicha

Senior Financial Sector Specialist
The World Bank

Mrs. Safia Hachicha is Senior Financial Sector Specialist at the World Bank where she covers topics related to the financial sector and in particular financial stability and integrity, financial inclusion and the digitalization of the financial sector. She currently works on the supervision and regulatory frameworks for digital payments and the development of their use cases, notably the digitalization of government payments. She also works on the enabling of a favorable environment for fintech development. She has nearly 20 years of finance experience notably in investment banking and private equity, in North America, Africa and the Middle East where she has contributed to the raising and management of over $ 1 billion from international institutional and individual investors. As part of her secondment to the cabinet of the Tunisian Minister of Finance, Mrs. Hachicha led the amendment of the regulatory framework for private equity in Tunisia, led the development and implementation of public financing mechanisms and represented Tunisia in the context of the Deauville Partnership led by the G8 countries.